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OUT NOW: Ingrosso – Dark River (Daniël Thomasso Bootleg)

Once again, Daniël Thomasso proves he is worthy to be called a master in making bootlegs, mashups and edits. Just in time for the festival season, Daniël gives his special touch of a unique and evolving production style to the brand new track of Ingrosso.

‘Dark River’ is a brand new solo record of the amazing DJ and producer Ingrosso (Part of Swedish duo Axwell Λ Ingrosso). With a heavy deep bass-driven drop, Daniël turned the original into the perfect festival track for this Summer. With a very uplifting new melody and progressive atmosphere, Daniël brings the track to a whole new level with a lot of emotion and energy. The song is filled by detailed chords, piano and uplifting synths which in turn gives a more exciting feeling to this track.

You can download and listen the track by going to Daniel’s SoundCloud page or by clicking the play button below.